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A pregnancy scan between 10 to 16 weeks gestation is performed to assess the number of embryos present and the fetal gestational age. It may be a transvaginal scan and or an abdominal scan.

Feel free to use our service even if you are having treatment at another centre. You will get a copy of your scan findings. In addition, complimentary scan prints will be offered if your baby’s position is favorable.


What information will the scan provide?

The scan will determine the presence of the gestational sac along with the fetal heart beat; location of the pregnancy and the number of embryos present.

Who should have the scan?

If you want to assess whether your pregnancy is progressing normally between 10 to 16 weeks gestation.

What is the process?

- Order online
- Receive an email confirmation of the appointment
- Attend the scan
- Receive results via email

What type of scan is it?

This scan is best performed transvaginally upto 12 weeks and then transabdominally after 12 weeks for optimum clarity.

When should the scan be done?

Between 10 to 16 weeks gestation.

How long will it take to get the result?

You will get the report immediately after the scan.

Can IVF Matters help interpret the result?

Yes, you will receive complimentary feedback by our fertility consultant Dr Irfana Koita. Please get in touch after your scan appointment.

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