Sperm Testing at Home

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This is a male screening test that forms part of a basic fertility workup and would help you assess your fertility status from the privacy of your home. 


What tests will be performed?

Sperm count and sperm motility.

Who should have the test?

Men wanting to assess their fertility in the privacy of their home.

Any prerequisite for the test?

Yes, 2-3 days of abstinence.

What is the process?

- Order online
- Receive the test kit
- Download the ExSeed app
- Collect sample
- Follow the steps
- Get the results on your mobile device

How will the sample be analysed?

The test kit includes a data analyser. You will need to download the ExSeed app using a mobile phone with either iOS (iPhone 6 or newer) or Android system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7 or newer). The results will be displayed on the ExSeed app.

How long will it take to get the result?

15 minutes

What are the advantages of doing the test?

You can monitor and track the progression of your sperm quality at home.

How many test kits are included?

It depends on the kit you order. You can order a kit with either 2 or 5 testing kits. This will allow you to perform the test 2 times or 5 times accordingly.

Does it provide a comprehensive assessment of the semen quality?

The ExSeed test kit assesses the sperm count and motility. It does not determine the sperm morphology. You would need to come to our laboratory in London to perform a comprehensive semen analysis.

Is it a CE medical device?

Yes, this shows that the device is fit for its intended purpose stated and meets legislation relating to safety.

Can IVF Matters help interpret the result?

Yes, you can book a complimentary call with our fertility consultant Dr Irfana Koita.

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